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Product Sertificate 1
Vlies-Tapete, dh Sie tragen Klebstoff direkt auf die Wand auf.
Product Sertificate 2
Unsere Tapeten sind CE-gekennzeichnet und entsprechen den höchsten Standards in Bezug auf Gesundheit, Sicherheit und Umweltschutz.
Product Sertificate 3
Qualitätsmerkmal. Zusicherung der International Wallcovering Manufacturers Association (IGI).
Product Sertificate 4
Der Rohholzstoff, den wir für unser Papier verwenden, stammt aus nachhaltig bewirtschafteten Wäldern.

JUBILEUM 5493 Lilja

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Verfügbar: In Aktien
Price: €32.70
Ex Tax: €27.25

Produktcode: 5493
Kollektion: JUBILEUM
Marke: Borsstapeter
Manuf.Land: Schweden
Breite/Länge: 10,05 m x 53 cm
Musterwiederholung: 26,50 cm
Primärfarbe: Weiß
Auswirkungen: Glimmer
Nuance: Licht
Stil: Art Deco,Luxuriöse
Zimmertyp: Wohnzimmer, Schlafzimmer, Esszimmer
Drop-Typ: Straight Match
Material: Vlies ECO
Kleber: Quelyd Fliselin/Kiilto Master Flis


Verfügbarkeit: 2 - 10 Tage


Wonderwall AR by Boråstapeter helps you to test out your favourite wallpapers at home. Download the app and get inspired. Wallpaper a room, a single wall or just a surface, and make your mark on your home. It has never been so easy to see how your home will look like with Boråstapeter’s beautiful wallpapers on the walls.

Verfügbar: In Aktien
Typ: BorasTapeter wallpaper
SKU: 5493 Lilja
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BorasTapeter wallpaper






5493 Lilja


1.2 kg

When industrialism flourished sometime during the turn of the 19th century a couple of artists decided it was time for a revolution. They wanted to prove what the hand could do and machine could not. Accordingly, they began painting patterns that went above and beyond every rule and tradition known to man during that era. And, despite the fact that their patterns were full of drawings of beautiful, winding plants revealing nothing but the tell­tale signs of true romantics, the artists were all depicted as vulgar rebels. Today, their work of art is called Jugend, or Art Nouveau in French. And, should you take a closer look you'll find every characteristic of a true revolutionary romantic: sweeping unending lines, rhythmically repeated flowers and abstract background lines in total harmony with Jugend­style painted stems. Quite simply, nature's harp at play.
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