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Product Sertificate 1
Vlies-Tapete, dh Sie tragen Klebstoff direkt auf die Wand auf.
Product Sertificate 2
Unsere Tapeten sind CE-gekennzeichnet und entsprechen den höchsten Standards in Bezug auf Gesundheit, Sicherheit und Umweltschutz.
Product Sertificate 3
Qualitätsmerkmal. Zusicherung der International Wallcovering Manufacturers Association (IGI).
Product Sertificate 4
Der Rohholzstoff, den wir für unser Papier verwenden, stammt aus nachhaltig bewirtschafteten Wäldern.

JUBILÄUM 5454 Ackord

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Produktcode: 5454
Sammlung: JUBILÄUM
Marke: Boråstapeter
Manuf.Country: Schweden
Breite / Länge: 10,05 m x 53 cm
Musterwiederholung: 0 cm
Grundfarbe: Neutral
Sekundärfarbe: Weiß
Stil: Zeitgenosse, Klassik
Zimmertyp: Schlafzimmer, Esszimmer, Wohnzimmer
Übereinstimmung: Keine Ausrichtung
Material: Vlies ECO
Kleber: Quelyd Fliselin / Kiilto Master Flis


Verfügbarkeit: 2 - 10 Tage


Wonderwall AR by Boråstapeter helps you to test out your favourite wallpapers at home. Download the app and get inspired. Wallpaper a room, a single wall or just a surface, and make your mark on your home. It has never been so easy to see how your home will look like with Boråstapeter’s beautiful wallpapers on the walls.

Verfügbar: In Aktien
Typ: BorasTapeter wallpaper
SKU: 5454 Ackord
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BorasTapeter wallpaper






5454 Ackord


1.2 kg

When stripes became high fashion some hundred years ago, the lines had to be symmetrical and repeated with perfection. A lot has happened since then.Today we're living in the golden age of stripes. Let your eyes linger on the striped coffee cup and you will instinctively know it is by Alfredo Häberli, with no resemblance to either Andy Warhol or Jean Paul Gautier and his sharp black and white lines. Stripes play with our minds and to­ day we no longer perceive them as separate lines, but rather as one pattern. Similar to the way it works in nature where fields or woods come in all kinds of different shapes and yet somehow manage to create a united harmony.This wallpaper from the 21st century is a virtual digital dream with no strict repetition as far as the eye can see.
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